"Organizing your home just got easier"

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Give the Gift of Organization this Holiday Season

Present your gift certificate towards an organizational system of your choice in a wonderful reusable storage basket loaded with closet accessories and comfort items for your bed and bath!

Items Included:

Yankee Candles and Accessories
Bath and Body Works room deodorizers, sprays, hand soaps and lotions
Plush Towels
Gift Cards
And a host of accessories to compliment your closet!
(includes a complimentary jewelry/valet drawer with installation)

Order today to get your basket in time for the holidays!

Gift certificates must be purchased for $250 or more. G ift certificate, and all other discounts or certificates will be deducted from the total price of the system, including accessories. Basket orders must be placed by 12/18/10 for delivery by 12/23/10. Systems must be ordered within 6 months of date of certificate purchase.
Contact Closets Galore and More for more details.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"Spruce Up Your Laundry Room!"

Even the smallest laundry room can be transformed to accommodate everyday needs. A splash of color, pull-out hampers or even cabinets can take that boring space and make it more exciting and functional.


Pull/Tilt-Out Hampers - Tired of having dirty laundry all over the floor? Pull/Tilt-Out Hampers allow for easy sorting while keeping it organized and hidden away. Hampers can be removed and taken wherever needed around the house.

Pull-Out Hanging Rod - Having hanging space in the laundry room is ideal, but not always possible due to the lack of space. Pull-Out Hanging Rods make it simple to have the space to hang clothing when needed, but can be pushed in and stored when not in use.

Cabinets - Can be installed over the washer or dryer, or maximize the space created next to your machines if they are stackable. Cabinets can add storage for extra towels or keep cleaning supplies from being an eye sore, while keeping everything dust free behind closed doors.

 Easy Store Ironing Board - Rid yourself of the bulky ironing board that sits in the middle of the room for days! Easy store ironing boards are stored behind a cabinet or installed with a pull-out feature for easy access and quick storage.

Shelves - A simple, ideal solution! We sometimes discount that ten inches of unused wall space, not realizing we can store the detergent, bleach and all those miscellaneous items cluttering the top of our machines. Shelves can be installed in even the smallest and tightest spaces supplying ample storage.

Baskets - Bring life to shelving by adding decorative baskets. Baskets can help enhance the look of your laundry room and hide unsightly items keeping things organized and clutter free.

 Paint - Color is a form of self expression and can also enhance our mood. Adding a little color to those plain drab laundry room walls can brighten even the most dreadful laundry day! 

September Spotlight: Gourmet Cupboard Mixes presented by Gourmet Event

Gourmet Event is presenting Gourmet Cupboard Mixes. Our mixes are handmade using the best ingredients at just the right proportions. Each mix includes all of the dry ingredients you simply add one or two other ingredients (water, sour cream, cream cheese, etc.) to complete your dish. Our products are all individually handmade in southeast Texas and most contains no preservatives, msg, or chemicals. Our product line includes: soups and meals, side dishes, sweet and savory dips, coffees, teas, muffins & breads, desserts, sugar free selections, and seasonings & spices. For more information, or to place an order, please visit our website at:
www.thegourmetcupboard.com and use ID #2317.

The following opportunities and services are available:
  • Business And Fundraising Opportunities
  • Online Parties
  • Home Shows
Sign up for our monthly customer newsletter and receive monthly specials, discounts, additional recipes using our mixes, and great gift ideas!
Recipe to share
Pina Colada Pie

1 pkg. (3.5 oz) instant vanilla pudding
1 (20 oz) can crushed pineapple, with juice
1 cup Cool Whip
1 prepared graham cracker crust
1 (8 oz) pkg. cream cheese (for firmer pie)
Toasted shredded coconut (garnish)

Mix together instant vanilla pudding, crushed pineapple, Cool Whip, and 5 STAR COCONUT PIE. Pour into prepared graham cracker crust. If you prefer a more firm pie, add cream cheese to pie mixture. Let set in fridge for at least 1 hour. For decoration, you can put a thin layer of Cool Whip on top with some toasted shredded coconut.
Recipe donated by Roberta Whalen

For more information on Carine Sahakian and the products she offers, please visit her website at GourmetEvent.com or email her at Carine@GourmetEvent.com

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"Pantries made EASY!"

One of the messiest places in the kitchen is the pantry. Due to the lack of access and the inability to see, we tend to loose track of things and our food goes stale. With the innovative line of accessories now available, organizing your pantry is now easier than ever. Whether you enjoy the look of wood, the classiness of chrome or the simplicity of white wire and polymer, there are many accessories available to increase the functionality and performance of your pantry, while enhancing its look by keeping things enclosed and looking less cluttered.

Pullout Drawers and Baskets - Drawer inserts can be added to help keep smaller items like seasoning and drink mix packets better organized, while baskets are great ways to store fruits, potatoes and onions. Use removable basket caddies to keep cleaning supplies organized, and accessible to take wherever needed around the house.

Lazy Susan - Increase your accessibility to items, without loosing your space, with rotating shelving. With a choice of Full Circle, Kidney, D-Shaped, Pie Cut or Half Moon, you are guaranteed to accommodate any cabinet/space shape or size.

Canned Goods and Spice Storage - With slim, pullout shelving/cabinets those days of fumbling through cans are over. Pullouts take up very little space, give you hidden storage and when pulled out allow for complete access and visibility of your items without having to move things around.

Wine Racks - Consider converting a small section of shelving to accommodate your wine collection. Wine racks take up very little space and allow you to view your collection without disturbing the others.

Shelves - Ideal for boxed or large items that you need quick access to. Shelving can be equipped with dividers to help store cookie sheets upright, or to keep awkward items like aluminum foil, and storage bags better organized.

August Spotlight: Gourmet Event

Gourmet Event, your one stop shopping for gift baskets, specialty foods and more, introduces its "On-Line Mall". Under this category you will find specialty food products from The Gourmet Cupboard, party supplies for all ocassions at Let's Party In Style, and build your own stuffed animal with Noah's Ark.

Have you heard of Noah's Ark Workshops/ Parties? All of my Noah's Ark cuddly collectibles are hand-made by our skilled team of designers using only the highest quality plush and fabrics, then hand-stuffed by you (or your gift recipient), so you know you are receiving only the very best!! Each "Gift To Go" comes complete with everything you need to bring your very own stuffed animal to life! To learn more about my "Gifts To Go" and to checkout the variety of stuffed animals, clothing and accessories available click the link Gifts To Go/Shop By Occasion

Over 25 Magical Theme Parties To Choose From!
Each Workshop Party Includes:

Professional Party Leader, Party Invitations, Party Favor Box, *Theme Party Planning Guide, Party Supplies, *Mascot Appearance, *Cuddly Animals and Outfits and a FREE gift for the birthday child. *Optional Purchase. Mascot May Not Be Available In All Areas, Extra Fee May Apply.

Through our Web site you CAN:
- Book a PARTY
- Join Our Team
- Shop On-Line
- Order a Catalogue
- Built A Bracelet

Coming August 15th!
Make your reservation NOW and get a FREE Gift at your workshop!
To find out more, click the link below:

For more information on Carine Sahakian and the products she offers, please visit her website at GourmetEvent.com or email her at Carine@GourmetEvent.com

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Check out our newsletter archive!


"Garage Makeover": Cabinet and Storage Solutions for your Garage!

Organize your garage and help simplify your life with unique garage cabinet and storage solutions. From garage storage cabinets, garage workbenches and storage walls, to storage lifts and overhead storage racks, you'll find everything you need to organize your garage.  We offer cabinets that are designed specifically for the temperature and humidity extremes found in the typical garage environment. From sealed exterior finishes to heavy-duty hardware, these cabinets are designed to last a lifetime, and still work and look great. Maintenance is minimal...just wipe with a damp cloth. Available in 10 colors, we have many products to suit your storage needs:

Workbench Cabinets - Need an area for gardening, a woodworking shop, or an auto shop? Workbench Cabinets will fill your needs. Workbench Cabinets will organize everything in easy reach. Doors open wide for easy access and full-extension drawers let you reach even the back corners. With a huge assortment of components and sizes available (more than 300 variations!), these garage cabinets can be configured in nearly unlimited combinations. The off-the-floor design comes in a rugged powder-coated finish, and are designed to take nearly anything everyday life can throw at them.

Slimline Cabinets - Unique in the industry, these cabinets are designed to fit into spaces other storage cabinets can't. Slimline cabinets are available in two styles; storage cabinets and lockers. They feature a tall vertical design and can fit in areas with less than 20" of depth and as little as 16" of width.  Lockers: 16” wide cabinets feature a single door, and are great for use as individual lockers for family members or employees, or for general storage. Available in 12” or 15” depths. Storage Cabinets: feature bi-fold doors that open wide for easy access, but need only 7” of clearance to open. Shelves adjust to fit any need. Available in 12” or 15” depths, and 16" or 32" widths.

Wall Storage Systems - Free up your cluttered floor space with these flexible, wall-hung storage solutions. StoreWALL™ features heavy-duty interlocking panels of industrial grade thermoplastic and are waterproof, mold and mildew resistant. These garage wall organizers are great for keeping everything from bikes to toys to garden equipment off your floor, in sight and in easy reach. A large selection of shelves, hooks and pegs are available to complete your organizer.

Storage Lift Systems - Need room for a garden tractor, motorcycle, snowmobile or other large item, but have no space on your floor? Our Loft-It™ Storage Lift System can lift 1,200 lbs. up to 6 feet off the floor. This motorized lift is key-controlled to keep it safe from kids, and everything folds flat against the wall when not in use. Easy to access at any time or great for out-of-season storage.

Overhead Systems - Our Super-Pro Ceiling Storage Racks are an economical way to add additional storage overhead. Ideal for boxes or storage containers and out of season items. Constructed of steel with a durable white finish, they feature adjustable heights to suit your needs. Multiple units can be used to increase your storage.

July Spotlight: Dan Duster - Motivational Speaker, Activist and Seminar Instructor

If you want to learn how to influence people; you’ve come to the right place. Dan Duster is known as The Influence Man! As a keynote speaker and workshop facilitator, he's influenced over 50,000 people.

He’s been influential most of his life. His passions are youth empowerment, social justice and personal and community development. As the great grandson of Ida B. Wells, he talks about her struggles and triumphs in the late 1800’s to motivate audiences to overcome the obstacles we face today and Stand Up against injustices in the workplace and our communities. He is a qualified trainer with the Institute of Cultural Affairs where he designs and delivers programs and training in Strategic Planning and in Group Facilitation Methods.

He has helped people improve their personal relationships, dramatically increase their sales (as much as 50% in one month) and achieve their life dreams. Now he wants want to help you. He has a system for establishing your goals, improving your communication, mastering your ability to influence others and then developing your own personal strategic plan to enhance your life. If you feel that you are stuck in a rut and you are not achieving the things you are capable of, then 'Create Your Abundance Series' is for you. The series is designed to help you to progressively increase your ability to decide exactly what you want and be able to obtain it, and start THRIVING.

"It is the best series that I've put together. I've talked with Millionaires to get their insight into what it takes to Create Your Abundance."

As a result of his ability to influence people, he has accomplished the following:

High School: Whitney M. Young
Student Government Parliamentarian
Junior Class President
Senior Class President
Homecoming King
Most Popular
Most Likely to Succeed

College: University of Illinois - Urbana in 1991
President - Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity
Student Government – Executive Board
Vice President – Minority Commerce Association
Para-Professional Career Consultants
Member – Chancellor Student Advisory Committee

TRC - Executive Board
Illinois JumpStart– Founding Board Member & Ex. Bd
Illinois African American Coalition for Prevention –Founding Board Member & Ex. Bd.
Member - University of Illinois Student Affairs Advisory Council

Owner/Founder – 3D Development Group (www.3ddevelopmentgroup.com)
Owner – Local Motivators (www.localmotivators.com)
Owner – Crafty Communication (www.craftycommunication.com)
Speaker – Dan Duster (www.danduster.net)

Duster’s family has had a positive influence in the Chicago area for decades going back to his great-grandmother; Ida B. Wells. He educates people about her legacy as well as the struggles and triumphs of other leaders in African American history. A community activist himself, Duster is a board member and advisor to several organizations. He also created the Life Readiness Program, a program focused on giving inner city youth the skills necessary to be successful in life.

He was one of the speakers along with Senators John Kerry and George Allen at the U.S. Senate press conference in 2005. He's presented at The Federal Reserve, Allstate, Exelon, Sears, DePaul University, Northeastern Illinois University, Loyola, University of Illinois, University of Wisconsin, filled in for Les Brown and Ryan Baker, and was the keynote speaker at McCormick Place for the CPS Model United Nations program and many more events.

Duster has impacted audiences across the nation through his workshops and keynote speeches. He has created several books and motivational CDs and has appeared in The Washington Post, on CNN.com, Fox TV, and dozens of publications and radio stations. In 2006, he was included in the first edition of Who’s Who in Black Chicago. He was also nominated to the White House for his volunteerism and impact on the community.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

"Fabulous Foundations": The latest in Garage flooring

Using garages as just a place to park the car is a thing of the past. Garages are now being utilized as workspaces for crafts, hobbies and home businesses. In many cases, the garage is the preferred means of entering a home. So, while considering the transformation of the walls and ceilings, complete the project by finishing the floor as well.

There are a variety of choices that fall under two categories: floor coverings and floor coatings. Some are do-it-yourself, and others require professional installation. Below are the pros and cons of each.


Rubber Mats - these mats simply roll out onto the floor and are held in place along the edges with double sided industrial strength tape.

Pros: they are easy to clean from oil and other chemical spills, and can cover any surface from bare concrete to damaged floor coverings.

Cons: does not supply protection of concrete and may trap moisture which can cause deterioration of the concrete floor.

Plastic Tiles - durable plastic material that simply snaps together. The tension between the tiles is what holds it in place so no adhesive is required.

Pros: because each tile has to be laid individually, it allows for more creativity with the design, and once installed it can be driven on immediately.

Cons: deterioration of the concrete floor can still occur due to moisture being trapped underneath.


These products are painted on and they bond to the bare concrete providing an excellent protective barrier. Also, resin flecks are applied to not only provide aesthetics but to add non-skid resistance.

Epoxy floor coatings - The most popular type of floor coating

Pros: cost effective and available in a wide variety of colors and textures

Cons: takes several days to install, and requires waiting up to a week be driven on.

Polyaspartic/polyurea coatings - used for many years in industrial settings and now making it's way into residential garages.

Pros: provides better chemical and UV resistance than the epoxy. It also dries quickly and can be driven on within 24 hours. It is 98% more flexible than epoxy making it resistant to cracking. Can be installed in temperatures ranging from -20F to 120F, where epoxy range is 60F to 90F.

Con: the most expensive to install.

May Spotlight: Katie Brady the Music Lady

Katie Brady the Music Lady will rock, wiggle and giggle with your little ones in an interactive, audience participation performance. Katie Brady the Music Lady specializes in music education and entertainment for ages 0-6. If you are looking for a playful, rockin' show for your children's venue, school or birthday party, go to www.katiebradythemusiclady.com and discover the fun. If you're happy and you know it, come dance and sing with Katie Brady the Music Lady.

Former front woman and co-writer for San Francisco-based bands CrackerJack Tattoo and Sweet Harriet, morphs into "Katie Brady The Music Lady" to create a playful and interactive show for children. Miss Katie fills a room with fun playing kid's favorites like "The Wheels on The Bus" and singing some of her original children's songs that are bound to become new favorites like "Crazy Day" and "Pet Rock"!

"This has been such a wonderful and natural addition to my music life. Having children of my own and teaching music to pre-schoolers has provided me with a glimpse of what music can do for kids and, well, for everyone. It can turn a grumpy face into a happy face. It can challenge, instruct and add joy to every situation."

Having been involved in various aspects of music her whole life, Katie wants to share her love of songs and creating songs.

"You can make a difference in someone's life with music. I want to be a giver in the world and music is my gift."

For more information on Katie Brady and the servcies she offers, please visit her website at http://www.katiebradythemusiclady.com/ or contact her via email at katiebrady@verizon.net

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

'Bright' Ideas: The benefits of accent and task lighting!

Accent lighting creates a mood, and highlights the paintings, photos, furniture, walls, cabinetry and the decorative items you have inside. Task lighting directs light to a designated area to illuminate work spaces or aid in making appropriate color choices with clothing and accessories. Explore your style from the list below to help you chose the lighting appropriate for your needs:

Track Fixtures are offered in a wide range of styles and finishes and are ideal for spotlighting apparel or illuminating those hard-to-light areas.

Monorail Systems are a flexible alternative to track lights as they can easily be shaped during installation to meet your needs.

Wall Sconces are an ideal way to use an empty wall to achieve a flattering and decorative lighting solution.

Recessed Fixtures have been upgraded from the large lenses with a strong glare to smaller lamps that come with a directional feature for precise task lighting.

Tape Lights are ideal for those small cove, accent or toe space areas and are available in a variety of colors.

Button Lights can be recessed or surface mounted to highlight cabinets or shelves.

Light Bars can be easily installed under cabinets and come in a variety of lengths.

Surface Mount Fixtures are a simple lighting solution and are available in a variety of colors, styles and finishes and are now available in a broad range of styles.

Many of these solutions feature long life and low energy use.  For a complete selection of colors and options, please visit your local home improvement store.

April Spotlight: Deb Keirce Fine Artist

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

Debra Keirce is a fine artist living and working in Northern Virginia. She is a member of several art societies, and has exhibited and sold her work throughout the nation. Her signature style is realism that uses intense color and detail, and her passion is miniature art, which is created using magnifying lenses. In fact, she is featured as one of the Piedmont region's most successful miniature artists in the winter 2010 issue of The Piedmont Virginian magazine.

Debra has been creating commissioned artwork for the last three decades. Her regular clients include a custom puzzle company in New England, realtors, and collectors of miniature art. Currently, she is focused on entering juried art exhibitions and shows throughout the United States.

Are you are looking for a one-of-a-kind gift? A portrait of a loved one or pet, a painting of a special house, church, or building? These are all wonderful keepsakes to celebrate special occasions. All of Debra's materials are archival quality, and will last for generations. Consider commissioning a painting or drawing in acrylic, oil, watercolor, pen and ink, or pencil. Most pieces can be completed within 2 to 3 weeks.

For more information please visit Deb's website at http://www.debkart.com/.
You may email her at DebraKeirceArt@Yahoo.com, or call her at 571-236-0047

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Spring Clean and "Go Green"

Many of us avoid "Going Green" because we're afraid of adjusting to HUGE changes. We help make it simple by providing you with ways to "Go Green" while you Spring Clean!

Home Office:
Stop unsolicitated mail like coupons, sales papers and catalogs. "Shred all unwanted paper": This not only reduces bulkiness of paper which makes it easier to dispose of, but also helps prevent identity theft!

Remove everything from your closets and seperate into two categories. 1) What you've used in the past year and, 2) what you haven't used in 2 years. "Donate items not used in 2 years to a local charity or offer to members on Freecycle": Recycling is at the top of the "Going Green" list.  Visit our website for a complete listing of charities that will pick-up your stuff and information on joining Freecycle.

Go through your refridgerator and pantry and dispose of expired and unwanted foods. "Reuse jars for leftovers or donate food you don't want to a local food bank"
Get rid of the multitude of disposable plastic bags. "Recycle them and move on to reuseable bags": Many retailers sell reusable bags for under a dollar!

In most cases our garages are used as graveyards for the things we can't part with, and many times we have no idea what's actaully out there!  Be honest with yourself and realize that if it has been sitting unused for 2 years or more, then you obviously don't need it. "Have a garage sale!": You can enjoy watching others tote away your junk for you and make money at the same time.

March Spotlight: Gold Canyon Candles

Gold Canyon’s natural cleaning product line, Homeology™, includes an infusion of pure essential oils from eucalyptus, citrus, lavender, rosemary and mint– some of the most effective essential oils for green cleaning. These synergistic blend combinations provide a pleasant and natural scent – aromatherapy for your home. Pure essential oils are light-sensitive and love the cool blue bottles that protect them from harm.

Homeology™ is aromatherapy for the home. Our plant-based, environmentally friendly cleaning products contain fragrant essential oils for a pure and natural scent that soothes you while wiping out dirt and germs. Our Homeology line of products includes all-natural cleaning supplies that are effective, biodegradable and safe to breathe. Homeology has been featured in the Better Homes and Gardens Magazine, and is a proud recipient of the “Greenie Award” in Everyday with Rachael Ray magazine.

Essential oils clean as wonderfully as they smell. If you press on the peel of any citrus fruit, out comes a substance that not only smells heavenly, but in itself has an impressive ability to cleanse, disinfect and deodorize your home. From ancient Greece and Rome to the world of Shakespeare, essential oils have been used for ages and known for their cleaning, health and aromatherapy qualities. Listed below are some of the essential oils that are used in our products and the benefits of each…

Cinnamon – Used by the ancient Chinese for uplifting and healing qualities, cinnamon contains antifungal and antimicrobial properties and is thought to be anti-allergenic.

Clove – Used widely in the dental industry for its antiseptic and disinfectant qualities. Keeps insects away and kills mold.

Eucalyptus – Known for its stimulating and healing qualities as an antifungal and antiviral agent. Also known to deodorize.

Lavender – Thought to be an antifungal, antiviral floral used since Shakespeare’s time to calm, relax and deodorize.

Lemon – Known for its natural cleaning properties and excellent health benefits as a source of vitamin C and an energizer to the body with its antifungal and antiviral qualities.

Mandarin – A member of the orange family whose aroma is believed to uplift and promote a feeling of cleanliness.

Peppermint – Greeks and Romans crowned their heads with this mint as it was known to calm and stimulate, relieve pain, eliminate nausea and calm nervousness. Known for its anesthetic properties and cold remedy as a chest decongestant.

Rosemary – Has a reputation of energizing, stimulating and strengthening memory.

Spearmint – In ancient Greece, this mint was used as body perfume. It was thought to stimulate and strengthen while bringing comfort to one’s mind.

Sweet Orange – Used in fine fragrances for many years, historically as bridal decorations for the last century, it is also known to uplift and invigorate the senses.

To view the Homeology line from Gold Canyon, log on to http://www.wix-n-stix.com/ and click on Home Scents then HOME CLEANING.

To get a free sample of Homeology, contact Jennifer Allen at http://www.wix-n-stix.com/ and mention the Closets Galore and More Newsletter for a special discount on your first order. Give your home an aromatherapy treatment with Homeology today!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tips to get organized for the New Year

Go through your home and write down the areas that need organizing. Don't try to take on the entire house! Sometimes a room, or an area of a room will make a world of difference. For whichever you choose, ask yourself these questions:

1. What is my vision for this room/area?This is the most important question to answer! Take your time thinking about how you want to utilize this room, or how it should serve your family. Do you want it to serve more than one purpose like an office or a guestroom? Will you need to also use it as storage space?

2. What items do I need to accomplish this goal? Closets Galore and More can provide you with a custom office unit that will give you the workspace you need, without overwhelming your space. We can also provide you with a sensible filing or storage solution that can be installed in a closet to keep things neat and out of view. A custom bench under a bay window can not only provide a place to tuck things away, but additional seating for parties and family dinners.

3. What can I get rid of?Keep only items that relate to how you plan to use your room. We all have something we're holding onto that we think is too good to throw out, or insist we'll use one day. Be realistic! If it hasn't served a purpose in over a year, chances are it never will. Consider using it in another area of the house, or donate it to someone who really needs it. There are many great charities out there that will gladly come to pick up your donations!

4. What are the problems preventing me from keeping this space organized?At our house, our foyer was always filled with shoes, and coats were piling up on the coat rack! Unfortunately our real problem was that our foyer closet was not designed to accommodate all our stuff. Shoes were piled on top of each other on the floor, and the coats were so bunched, it was difficult to get them in and out. We resolved this by reconfiguring the closet into three separate entities. We created one double hanging area for jackets and sweaters, and one single hanging area on the opposite end for longer coats. This allowed for an entire section in the middle for shoe shelving and storage for hats, gloves and other accessories.

5. What tools do I need to help alleviate that problem or what habits do I need to change?Closets Galore and More can provide you with an organizational system that can double and possibly triple your space! Shoe shelving can be customized to accommodate the number and type of shoes you need to store. We also provide decorative baskets that can help keep things more organized, versus throwing them on a shelf. We can provide you with drawers of different sizes, allowing you to keep things separate and better organized, thus utilizing your space better. But even the best system won't solve the problem 100% if you have bad habits. If your family is like mine, and in the habit of tossing their shoes in a pile as soon as they walk in, using a shoe organizer will have to be learned. Write down the habits that need to be changed in your room to make your plan a success.

6. How much time can I commit to this project?Decide based on your work schedule and other activities how much time you can afford to commit to this project. Even 15 minutes a day will make a world of difference by the end of the week. Be realistic that this will take time, and don't let frustration win. Remember, if you give up on this project today, the mess will still be there to frustrate you tomorrow.

Take the answers from the questions above and develop a plan of action! If professional help is needed, don't hesitate to call Closets Galore and More!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February Spotlight: Sunny Day Sites

Four Tips to Follow when Choosing a Web Site Designer!

Contract - a written, signed contract ensures that you and the designer both understand the work that will be done, how much it costs, when payment is due, and time frame. The contract should also address any additional fees that may be required for extra web pages, extra photos, and photo editing. Copyright to the web site should be assigned to you at completion of the work. Find out if the contract specifies a 'review' period, for any changes you find after the site goes 'live'.

References - check the designer's web site for a portfolio or ask for a list of recent sites; talk to at least two current customers - are they satisfied with the work? When looking at the sites, do the pages, pictures, and graphics load quickly?

Maintenance Agreement - once the site is completed, how will changes be made? Designers usually offer both an hourly rate and annual maintenance agreement. Understand the time frame that changes will be completed and what happens when changes are not completed as agreed upon.

Questions? - Don't be afraid to ask a lot of questions. A good designer will take time to address any concerns you have and make you feel comfortable with the design and implementation process.

Joyce Cimbalista, owner of Sunny Day Sites LLC, a web design company for small businesses.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Home improvement adds value to your home

We offer...

♦ Painting
♦ Crown molding
♦ Trim work
♦ Drywall installation and repair
♦ Door/Window repair or upgrade
♦ Ceiling fan/lighting installation
♦ Concrete epoxy floor coating for garages or basements
♦ ...and many other small to medium size projects.

Call us to discuss your home improvement needs and to schedule your FREE consultation!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Resolve to get ORGANIZED for the New Year!

Our personal space is not only a reflection of who we are, but how we live our lives. Clearing out the clutter makes for a more happy and productive you! An organizational system from Closets Galore and More will help you with the process by providing you with up to three times more useable space.

Double hanging in your closet allows you to group short hanging items, providing more space for longer dreses and suits. Too many shoes? No problem! Our design consultants can customize your system based on the number of shoes you need to store. If you're looking to free up space in your bedroom, consider getting rid of your dresser and adding a hutch in your closet!

Most garages are used as storage areas for things people use infrequently. We invision your garage with endless possibilities! Closets Galore and More can transform your garage into a useable workspace for the handy man. We can supply a space to conveniently store gardening tools, or make room for crafts and hobbies. Take your garage from being a jumbled mess, to being a notable extension of your home!