"Organizing your home just got easier"

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tips to get organized for the New Year

Go through your home and write down the areas that need organizing. Don't try to take on the entire house! Sometimes a room, or an area of a room will make a world of difference. For whichever you choose, ask yourself these questions:

1. What is my vision for this room/area?This is the most important question to answer! Take your time thinking about how you want to utilize this room, or how it should serve your family. Do you want it to serve more than one purpose like an office or a guestroom? Will you need to also use it as storage space?

2. What items do I need to accomplish this goal? Closets Galore and More can provide you with a custom office unit that will give you the workspace you need, without overwhelming your space. We can also provide you with a sensible filing or storage solution that can be installed in a closet to keep things neat and out of view. A custom bench under a bay window can not only provide a place to tuck things away, but additional seating for parties and family dinners.

3. What can I get rid of?Keep only items that relate to how you plan to use your room. We all have something we're holding onto that we think is too good to throw out, or insist we'll use one day. Be realistic! If it hasn't served a purpose in over a year, chances are it never will. Consider using it in another area of the house, or donate it to someone who really needs it. There are many great charities out there that will gladly come to pick up your donations!

4. What are the problems preventing me from keeping this space organized?At our house, our foyer was always filled with shoes, and coats were piling up on the coat rack! Unfortunately our real problem was that our foyer closet was not designed to accommodate all our stuff. Shoes were piled on top of each other on the floor, and the coats were so bunched, it was difficult to get them in and out. We resolved this by reconfiguring the closet into three separate entities. We created one double hanging area for jackets and sweaters, and one single hanging area on the opposite end for longer coats. This allowed for an entire section in the middle for shoe shelving and storage for hats, gloves and other accessories.

5. What tools do I need to help alleviate that problem or what habits do I need to change?Closets Galore and More can provide you with an organizational system that can double and possibly triple your space! Shoe shelving can be customized to accommodate the number and type of shoes you need to store. We also provide decorative baskets that can help keep things more organized, versus throwing them on a shelf. We can provide you with drawers of different sizes, allowing you to keep things separate and better organized, thus utilizing your space better. But even the best system won't solve the problem 100% if you have bad habits. If your family is like mine, and in the habit of tossing their shoes in a pile as soon as they walk in, using a shoe organizer will have to be learned. Write down the habits that need to be changed in your room to make your plan a success.

6. How much time can I commit to this project?Decide based on your work schedule and other activities how much time you can afford to commit to this project. Even 15 minutes a day will make a world of difference by the end of the week. Be realistic that this will take time, and don't let frustration win. Remember, if you give up on this project today, the mess will still be there to frustrate you tomorrow.

Take the answers from the questions above and develop a plan of action! If professional help is needed, don't hesitate to call Closets Galore and More!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February Spotlight: Sunny Day Sites

Four Tips to Follow when Choosing a Web Site Designer!

Contract - a written, signed contract ensures that you and the designer both understand the work that will be done, how much it costs, when payment is due, and time frame. The contract should also address any additional fees that may be required for extra web pages, extra photos, and photo editing. Copyright to the web site should be assigned to you at completion of the work. Find out if the contract specifies a 'review' period, for any changes you find after the site goes 'live'.

References - check the designer's web site for a portfolio or ask for a list of recent sites; talk to at least two current customers - are they satisfied with the work? When looking at the sites, do the pages, pictures, and graphics load quickly?

Maintenance Agreement - once the site is completed, how will changes be made? Designers usually offer both an hourly rate and annual maintenance agreement. Understand the time frame that changes will be completed and what happens when changes are not completed as agreed upon.

Questions? - Don't be afraid to ask a lot of questions. A good designer will take time to address any concerns you have and make you feel comfortable with the design and implementation process.

Joyce Cimbalista, owner of Sunny Day Sites LLC, a web design company for small businesses.