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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

"Fabulous Foundations": The latest in Garage flooring

Using garages as just a place to park the car is a thing of the past. Garages are now being utilized as workspaces for crafts, hobbies and home businesses. In many cases, the garage is the preferred means of entering a home. So, while considering the transformation of the walls and ceilings, complete the project by finishing the floor as well.

There are a variety of choices that fall under two categories: floor coverings and floor coatings. Some are do-it-yourself, and others require professional installation. Below are the pros and cons of each.


Rubber Mats - these mats simply roll out onto the floor and are held in place along the edges with double sided industrial strength tape.

Pros: they are easy to clean from oil and other chemical spills, and can cover any surface from bare concrete to damaged floor coverings.

Cons: does not supply protection of concrete and may trap moisture which can cause deterioration of the concrete floor.

Plastic Tiles - durable plastic material that simply snaps together. The tension between the tiles is what holds it in place so no adhesive is required.

Pros: because each tile has to be laid individually, it allows for more creativity with the design, and once installed it can be driven on immediately.

Cons: deterioration of the concrete floor can still occur due to moisture being trapped underneath.


These products are painted on and they bond to the bare concrete providing an excellent protective barrier. Also, resin flecks are applied to not only provide aesthetics but to add non-skid resistance.

Epoxy floor coatings - The most popular type of floor coating

Pros: cost effective and available in a wide variety of colors and textures

Cons: takes several days to install, and requires waiting up to a week be driven on.

Polyaspartic/polyurea coatings - used for many years in industrial settings and now making it's way into residential garages.

Pros: provides better chemical and UV resistance than the epoxy. It also dries quickly and can be driven on within 24 hours. It is 98% more flexible than epoxy making it resistant to cracking. Can be installed in temperatures ranging from -20F to 120F, where epoxy range is 60F to 90F.

Con: the most expensive to install.

May Spotlight: Katie Brady the Music Lady

Katie Brady the Music Lady will rock, wiggle and giggle with your little ones in an interactive, audience participation performance. Katie Brady the Music Lady specializes in music education and entertainment for ages 0-6. If you are looking for a playful, rockin' show for your children's venue, school or birthday party, go to www.katiebradythemusiclady.com and discover the fun. If you're happy and you know it, come dance and sing with Katie Brady the Music Lady.

Former front woman and co-writer for San Francisco-based bands CrackerJack Tattoo and Sweet Harriet, morphs into "Katie Brady The Music Lady" to create a playful and interactive show for children. Miss Katie fills a room with fun playing kid's favorites like "The Wheels on The Bus" and singing some of her original children's songs that are bound to become new favorites like "Crazy Day" and "Pet Rock"!

"This has been such a wonderful and natural addition to my music life. Having children of my own and teaching music to pre-schoolers has provided me with a glimpse of what music can do for kids and, well, for everyone. It can turn a grumpy face into a happy face. It can challenge, instruct and add joy to every situation."

Having been involved in various aspects of music her whole life, Katie wants to share her love of songs and creating songs.

"You can make a difference in someone's life with music. I want to be a giver in the world and music is my gift."

For more information on Katie Brady and the servcies she offers, please visit her website at http://www.katiebradythemusiclady.com/ or contact her via email at katiebrady@verizon.net