"Organizing your home just got easier"

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

"Increase the Return on your Tax Refund with Home Improvement"

"Pantries are Making a Comeback!"

We often overlook the pantry, not realizing that its use and function is an important part of our daily routine. We probably open and close our pantry door more than any other door in the house! So why not add it to your homemaker list this tax season, and begin using it to its fullest potential.

Vertical Shelving - An innovative way to store cookie sheets, large serving trays and cutting boards!

Lazy Susan Sets - Eliminate what's hiding in those corners with a Lazy Susan Set. These adjustable rotating sets help improve the function of the corner of the pantry. Available in a selection of colors and finishes.

Pull-Out Shelving Systems - Got an extra 5"-8" inches of wasted space? Pull-out shelving can be used to add space for canned goods, spices, and more. The shelving is adjustable to fit your needs, and includes chrome rails to keep everything in place.

Swing-Out Shelves - A great option for those more difficult places to reach in your pantry

Pull-Down Shelving - Rid yourself of the step stool and make it easy to store items beyond your reach.

Baskets - What's not to like? Whether it's chrome or rattan, baskets are a wonderful solution for storing fruits and veggies and can be removed for your convenience.

Drawers/ Drawer Organizers - If you like a sleek look to your pantry, drawers are the way to go. They are designed to hold even the most bulky items, like cereal boxes. The drawers fully extend to give you 100% access, and close to hide those numerous items when done. Add organizers for plates, utensils and knives.

April 2011 Spotlight: N-Side-Out Home Staging, Kimberly Hill owner and operator

Home Staging is the decluttering, depersonalizing and rethinking of how your home will present on the market. It is a proven method that most realtors will now suggest and most potential buyers are now expecting. The main goal of Staging is to appeal to every potential buyer by having the home in " turn-key " order. By doing this the buyer has much less opportunity to find fault in the home therefore increasing your selling power without having to compromise your asking price.

Staging is an investment that helps to sell your home. Staging and price have to be in balance to attract a buyer. Presentation is just as important as price. Based on national statistics and average price reductions we can calculate the measurable return on the investment of staging. The National Association for Realtors stated that the average price reduction is 10-20% of the list price. By having your home priced at market value along with staging the odds of such a drastic price reduction are markedly decreased.

By staging your home you also decrease the time spent on the market. Stats show that 94.6% of ASP Staged homes sell on an average of 35 days or less verses non-staged homes that are on the market an average of 175 days. Investments such as painting, home repairs, landscaping and staging all have a greater than 90% return.

Home Staging is not only for persons looking to sell but also for those who desire a better flow and organization of their current home. A fresh point of view to help rethink your living space and new organizational methods that will cut clutter and provide a more functional home which in turn decrease stress and saves time.

N-SIDE-OUT HOME STAGING LLC is located in Leesburg VA and is owned and operated by Kimberly Hill who is an Accredited Staging Professional (ASP). She believes professional training and experience can make a difference in selling your home. Please call anytime for an In-Home Consultation 703.309.8270