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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

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"Garage Makeover": Cabinet and Storage Solutions for your Garage!

Organize your garage and help simplify your life with unique garage cabinet and storage solutions. From garage storage cabinets, garage workbenches and storage walls, to storage lifts and overhead storage racks, you'll find everything you need to organize your garage.  We offer cabinets that are designed specifically for the temperature and humidity extremes found in the typical garage environment. From sealed exterior finishes to heavy-duty hardware, these cabinets are designed to last a lifetime, and still work and look great. Maintenance is minimal...just wipe with a damp cloth. Available in 10 colors, we have many products to suit your storage needs:

Workbench Cabinets - Need an area for gardening, a woodworking shop, or an auto shop? Workbench Cabinets will fill your needs. Workbench Cabinets will organize everything in easy reach. Doors open wide for easy access and full-extension drawers let you reach even the back corners. With a huge assortment of components and sizes available (more than 300 variations!), these garage cabinets can be configured in nearly unlimited combinations. The off-the-floor design comes in a rugged powder-coated finish, and are designed to take nearly anything everyday life can throw at them.

Slimline Cabinets - Unique in the industry, these cabinets are designed to fit into spaces other storage cabinets can't. Slimline cabinets are available in two styles; storage cabinets and lockers. They feature a tall vertical design and can fit in areas with less than 20" of depth and as little as 16" of width.  Lockers: 16” wide cabinets feature a single door, and are great for use as individual lockers for family members or employees, or for general storage. Available in 12” or 15” depths. Storage Cabinets: feature bi-fold doors that open wide for easy access, but need only 7” of clearance to open. Shelves adjust to fit any need. Available in 12” or 15” depths, and 16" or 32" widths.

Wall Storage Systems - Free up your cluttered floor space with these flexible, wall-hung storage solutions. StoreWALL™ features heavy-duty interlocking panels of industrial grade thermoplastic and are waterproof, mold and mildew resistant. These garage wall organizers are great for keeping everything from bikes to toys to garden equipment off your floor, in sight and in easy reach. A large selection of shelves, hooks and pegs are available to complete your organizer.

Storage Lift Systems - Need room for a garden tractor, motorcycle, snowmobile or other large item, but have no space on your floor? Our Loft-It™ Storage Lift System can lift 1,200 lbs. up to 6 feet off the floor. This motorized lift is key-controlled to keep it safe from kids, and everything folds flat against the wall when not in use. Easy to access at any time or great for out-of-season storage.

Overhead Systems - Our Super-Pro Ceiling Storage Racks are an economical way to add additional storage overhead. Ideal for boxes or storage containers and out of season items. Constructed of steel with a durable white finish, they feature adjustable heights to suit your needs. Multiple units can be used to increase your storage.

July Spotlight: Dan Duster - Motivational Speaker, Activist and Seminar Instructor

If you want to learn how to influence people; you’ve come to the right place. Dan Duster is known as The Influence Man! As a keynote speaker and workshop facilitator, he's influenced over 50,000 people.

He’s been influential most of his life. His passions are youth empowerment, social justice and personal and community development. As the great grandson of Ida B. Wells, he talks about her struggles and triumphs in the late 1800’s to motivate audiences to overcome the obstacles we face today and Stand Up against injustices in the workplace and our communities. He is a qualified trainer with the Institute of Cultural Affairs where he designs and delivers programs and training in Strategic Planning and in Group Facilitation Methods.

He has helped people improve their personal relationships, dramatically increase their sales (as much as 50% in one month) and achieve their life dreams. Now he wants want to help you. He has a system for establishing your goals, improving your communication, mastering your ability to influence others and then developing your own personal strategic plan to enhance your life. If you feel that you are stuck in a rut and you are not achieving the things you are capable of, then 'Create Your Abundance Series' is for you. The series is designed to help you to progressively increase your ability to decide exactly what you want and be able to obtain it, and start THRIVING.

"It is the best series that I've put together. I've talked with Millionaires to get their insight into what it takes to Create Your Abundance."

As a result of his ability to influence people, he has accomplished the following:

High School: Whitney M. Young
Student Government Parliamentarian
Junior Class President
Senior Class President
Homecoming King
Most Popular
Most Likely to Succeed

College: University of Illinois - Urbana in 1991
President - Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity
Student Government – Executive Board
Vice President – Minority Commerce Association
Para-Professional Career Consultants
Member – Chancellor Student Advisory Committee

TRC - Executive Board
Illinois JumpStart– Founding Board Member & Ex. Bd
Illinois African American Coalition for Prevention –Founding Board Member & Ex. Bd.
Member - University of Illinois Student Affairs Advisory Council

Owner/Founder – 3D Development Group (www.3ddevelopmentgroup.com)
Owner – Local Motivators (www.localmotivators.com)
Owner – Crafty Communication (www.craftycommunication.com)
Speaker – Dan Duster (www.danduster.net)

Duster’s family has had a positive influence in the Chicago area for decades going back to his great-grandmother; Ida B. Wells. He educates people about her legacy as well as the struggles and triumphs of other leaders in African American history. A community activist himself, Duster is a board member and advisor to several organizations. He also created the Life Readiness Program, a program focused on giving inner city youth the skills necessary to be successful in life.

He was one of the speakers along with Senators John Kerry and George Allen at the U.S. Senate press conference in 2005. He's presented at The Federal Reserve, Allstate, Exelon, Sears, DePaul University, Northeastern Illinois University, Loyola, University of Illinois, University of Wisconsin, filled in for Les Brown and Ryan Baker, and was the keynote speaker at McCormick Place for the CPS Model United Nations program and many more events.

Duster has impacted audiences across the nation through his workshops and keynote speeches. He has created several books and motivational CDs and has appeared in The Washington Post, on CNN.com, Fox TV, and dozens of publications and radio stations. In 2006, he was included in the first edition of Who’s Who in Black Chicago. He was also nominated to the White House for his volunteerism and impact on the community.